Exclusive designs for your MINI

The launch of the latest MINI models sees a new generation of trendsetters hitting the streets, but it’s not just the iconic silhouette that makes these MINI unique. The new MINI Yours range, unveiled in tandem with The New MINI 5-Door, offers new and exclusive customisation options to make every MINI made-to-measure.


Classic Minis explore the Savannah

MINI Lovers Kenya have a special relationship with their cars, deeply knowledgeable of every detail and capable of miraculously reviving even the most worn relics. Many of their classic Mini haven’t been driven for decades, often found in startlingly dilapidated conditions. The club members put use their passion and precision to transform these diamonds in…


1968 classic Mini for auction

Have you ever longed to own and original 1968 Austin Mini Van which is presented in a very rare state of preservation, showing a genuine 302 miles from new? The background behind its ‘frozen in time’ condition is fascinating, with the vehicle having been virtually unused for some 47 years after only covering delivery mileage…


MINI Superleggera approved for production

Car Magazine is reporting that the MINI Superleggera concept car has been approved for production. If the news is true, that gorgeous concept car that has been making the rounds at auto shows over the past year will hit dealers around 2018. However with some key changes. While the concept was a 100% electric rear…


The man who helped create the Mini has died

Doug Adams, one of the last surviving members of the team which created the original Mini at Longbridge, has died aged 95. Doug, whose career at the world-famous Birmingham car factory lasted for nearly 50 years, worked alongside the inventor of Longbridge’s best-known car, Sir Alec Issigonis, on the MINI. He also helped build the…


Worldwide MINI sales up 27% for February

Following decent sales for the US, MINI announced today that worldwide sales for the brand are up 27.1% (i.e. 20,303 units) in February compare to last year (i.e. 15,976 units). The release of new models along with strong volumes from a number of countries (i.e. Germany, Great Britain, Italy, North America, South Korea, and China)…


World Premier: MINI Countryman Park Lane

Bold athletic flair and supreme versatility define the character of the MINI Countryman. As the first MINI with four doors, a large tailgate, five seats and optional all-wheel drive, it took on the role of an irresistible front-line force from the very outset – both in the conquest of additional target groups for the British…