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Event: Oulton Park Mini Festival 2014

After the success of the Brands Hatch Mini Festivals that have been taking place for the past three years, MSV decided that they would hold a Mini Festival at the Oulton Park Circuit. Just like Brands, there would be traders, club displays, mini only parking, Russ Swift stunt shows and of course, plenty of racing on offer.

Despite the circuit being around 4 hours away from me, as soon as I heard this event was happening, I decided I was going. Not only was the circuit a fair distance away from me but it also was scheduled for the day after the Poole Quay Mini meeting! I also preferred to have Stripes on main display i.e. be parked on a club stand. Thankfully, the Mersey Mini Club allowed me to join them on their stands despite the fact that I’m obviously not local and haven’t been on a stand with them before.

Rather than find my way to a meet point organised by the Mersey lot, my co-pilot used his iPhone to direct us straight to the circuit for us to then find the club stand. Once parked up of course, the first thing to do is to start cleaning Stripes up. That MINI gets cleaned way too much anyway and I’m always spending ages once I’m at a show cleaning her but this time, she REALLY did need to be cleaned up after traveling 200+ miles.

While I had a cloth in hand, the rest of the Mersey Mini Club arrived and greeted me. It was so refreshing and encouraging to feel welcomed into a club in which I had only just joined up with. If you are local to them, I throughly recommend joining as they are wonderful people!

I had seen a few of the MINIs before at shows such as Mini in the Park and Big MINI Show last year. A few were very familiar to me as I follow a few of them on Instagram. It was really nice to actually now see these Minis in the metal and meet some of the owners.

One particular member of the Mersey lot made me feel very welcome and was my first point of contact with the club. Richard Gillmore. He is a credit to the club and because of his nature I accepted and displayed some of the leaflets on Stripes to advertise the club. I felt it was the least I could do for them.

Russ Swift had a total of three displays running throughout the day. I’d decided to watch the first of the day as it allowed some time for more Minis to arrive and fill out the grounds as well as giving me some time to ‘warm up’ on the photographing duties. As usual, Russ put on an amazing show using two F56′s. At the end of his show he invited people to come and grab a poster and if they wanted, he would sign them as well. I’d never turn down some free Mini merchandise and so made my way straight over to the large crowd.

Those used by Russ Swift were not the only F56′s being used as part of the show as the MINI Challenge had already prepared out an F56 Challenge MINI. This gave an insight into how the MINI Challenge line up will look like in the near future. The F56 on display was finished off in the brushed aluminum finish that we’ve seen in the F56 JCW concept photos as well as the images from the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Just like the Mini Festival at Brands Hatch, a grid walk had been scheduled for 1pm. I particularly love the fact that this had been brought into the events as it provides a different service from other Mini Shows. It is a great privilege to A) be allowed up close to the Challenge cars along with the drivers and B) to stand on such a famous motor racing circuit.

I made sure I was stood in the right place just before it was due to start in order to get as many photos as possible. I know! I managed to get Keith to queue up this time rather than just jump straight in like he did at Brands! Next to the gate that led to the grid stood the podium. As the racing schedule ran behind, so did the grid walk and so we took advantage of the wait and sneaked onto the podium for a cheeky photo.

Once the racing had finished; about 30 minutes later than scheduled, the gates were opened and we were finally out on the grid. What then went on to disappoint me was the fact that around just 10 minutes after being let onto the grid, we were ordered back off. I didn’t get chance to get many photo’s or even stand and chat to team members of Sussex Road and Race like I wanted to.

The racing calendar for the day was jam packed with both Classic and Modern Minis and unlike at Brands, it consisted of the Scottish MINI Challenge too which provided that extra Modern MINI racing. Throughout the day there were numberous bumps and scraps which caused some dramatic racing; wonderful for spectators but not the competitors.

A photo that marks my day is one of myself taking photo’s through a gap in the staircase of a bridge over the track. I’m pretty sure that I was the only person (or should that be, idiot) who took photos from that location.

On one of my trips back to Stripes towards the end of the day, I found a few members from Mersey with 3 World Championship JCW’s on the stand. This of course made for a great photo opportunity!

To make even more of an impact, I moved Stripes to another place on the stand in order for the third JCW to park alongside the others. These MINIs are extremely rare and to find three of them at a show and be able to park them together is quite something.

Rounding off the day; just like any Mini Festival should, was the parade lap. Just like the first Brands Hatch Mini Festival, there was a fight going on between me and my Mum; Sheila on who would drive around the circuit. Oulton Park is a much larger track with some corners that I knew I’d be able to start feeling even more of a benefit of my new front and rear strut braces. I knew if Mum drove then they wouldn’t get tested. Thankfully, she gave in and let me take Stripes round.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, as much as I love parade laps especially when you can give it some beans, I couldn’t ever take Stripes on a track day. I’d now happily go out in another MINI on a track as I’ve become more confident and perhaps will pursue this in the future.

To summarise, I will definitely attending this show again next year and hope these Mini Festivals keep up the hard work and even develop further to become even more of a success.

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Event: Poole Quay 2014

The annual Quay for my Car event had scheduled one Mini night which was in place for Friday the 11th of July. Once again, Minis of all ages were invited to display along the Quay from 6pm. Glorious sunshine that day meant that the evening would be bright and warm well into the closing time of 9pm.

My new job as a MINI Genius meant that I could have missed out on this event as I don’t finish until 6pm and Poole is a fair 2 hours drive away. However, after having a chat with the manager he agreed to let me take down a sign written F56 S in Thunder Grey which I knew would capture some attention. I’m a strong believer in MINI dealerships becoming involved in ‘the scene’ and really would love for Snows to be one to do so.

By taking the F56 it also meant that I could spend more time with it to become more confident and comfortable with the new features. For example, before this trip, I hadn’t really played around with the Adaptive Cruise Control and because a lot of the drive would be on the motorway, I could really test that out. When you first leave it to the car to brake because someone’s pulled out across in front of you; it can be nerve racking as you start to feel the car slowing and you’ve not touched the brake or decelerated, it does provide an odd sensation. I soon became used to it and could really see the benefits of it especially if you do a lot of motorway driving.

One feature that you just HAVE to play around with is the MINI Driving Modes; Sport, Mid and Green which is located by the gearstick. The difference between Mid and Sport when you are out on the Motorway is insane! As you cruise along in Mid and then flick it Sport there is a lift and you can feel it’s a totally different setting for the car. It’s extremely fun and it does give you that MINI feeling instantly. Of course, that will use slightly more fuel but for using every now and again for a bit of fun I can see the attraction.

The closer I became to Poole the traffic increased and so I popped it back into Green mode. The fact that when this mode is selected, it shows you; also in green, just how much fuel you are saving makes you feel a lot better about having it in Green mode.

The F56 I had also had the heads up display and Sat Nav. Together it makes for such an easy journey when you are traveling somewhere you’ve not been that many times to know where you are going. The large screen; in the centre where the speedometer was previously, means you can clearly see your surroundings and then to have the head up display showing you the next instruction on the right hand side means you can’t go wrong. At first I admit I wasn’t sure about a head up display but combine it with the Sat Nav and it seems to make perfect sense. The head up display not only shows Sat Nav directions on the right hand side but also track listings if you have your media connected up.

After having fun and getting more familiar with the latest model I arrived at a meeting point where I would pick up Keith Burton with his Pure Silver R50 and Rob Hoare with his Gun Metal Grey R53. It made perfect sense to ‘sandwich’ the F56 between the two first generations on the short drive down to the Quay.

Upon arrival, we were guided through a gateway which admittedly, I did find narrow to swing through. Sadly, as we parked up we were seperated from Rob who had to park up further down the Quay.

Over the next three hours, I spoke to many people about the F56 and Minis in general. I was surprised with the keen interest and positive comments from everyone that attended. On one of the rare occasions I could leave the F56, I set about my photographing duties and spotted a stunning JCW Coupe and even started chatting to the owner. He saw my MINI gear, badge and it was probably the fact I was taking a ton of photos of this JCW that he thought I was there on behalf of Woods! Don’t panic, I soon informed him of who I worked for – Snows, gave him a card and spoke about Mini Madnesss.

Two Classic’s that caught my eye (along with everyone else’s) were WURIX and WIRUX which I remember seeing at various other shows as well. Parked up together, these two really make an impact and I can only give full credit to their owners. Stunning little Minis.

A photo which I am extremely pleased with is this of the Woody that was parked in the perfect spot.

Shortly after 9pm, Keith and I headed home and despite having Sat Nav, I fancied being lazy and just following him out until the M27 when I would know the way. At one particular point on a dual carriageway we decided to have a bit of fun when I over took him, waving and laughing. Of course, this upset him as he wanted to be leading and didn’t fancy me overtaking so he attempted to overtake me back. I know he has been tuned up a bit but I couldn’t help but giggle when he tried to take on my Cooper S. I will point out now that we obviously were keeping to the speed limit! I could feel eyes on me then!

I pulled into the services on the M27 to grab some food before taking the F56 back to the showroom and picking up my R50; Stripes. As I returned back to the Cooper S in the car park and unlocked it in the dark, I was delighted with a feature that greeted me. When you unlock an F56 in the dark, it will light up which almost feels like it’s greeting you. (Yep, I can see the men in white coats now) The LED headlights illuminate along with parking lights and the small LED’s in the handle really pop out. It looked AMAZING. It put such a grin on my face. It’s the small things and attention to detail sometimes that just make such an impact.

Overall, I believe that last years turn out was stronger than this years but I’m unsure as to why. I really enjoyed taking the F56 as it has given me more ‘bonding time’ with it. MINIacs will know what I mean by that! Of course, when the time comes around I will be heading to this event and hope that the turn out picks up again.

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Mini Madness is a product of SammieeePhotography and Joe Steel Art and Photography. We bring Mini imaging from a range of Mini and classic car events.

MINI Snows Portsmouth offer the highest level of service on new cars, approved used and servicing as well as all of the latest offers. Give them a call on 023 9200 8034 or pop into the showroom to take a look for yourself and take a MINI for a test drive.

The 2015 MINI Countryman

From MotoringFile: The MINI Countryman has been a massive success for MINI since its release in 2011. For it’s forth year of production MINI is giving it the typical visual and mechanical refresh. However unlike MINI’s past refreshes, the Countryman has received what has to be the subtlest nip and tuck imaginable.

Mechanically there are no big changes to speak of. Instead it’s mostly cosmetic with three new colors, wheels, a slight update to the grille and a dark trim option. Additionally MINI is taking it’s R56 accessory LED headlights and making them a factory option (standard on the MCS and JCW) on the R60 complete with halo rings. The foglight portion is powered by by three LED units arranged horizontally at the centre of the cluster. The daytime driving light takes the form of a luminous ring fed by 15 LED units. When the parking lights are switched on, only five LED units are active in the upper third of the ring.

MINI has upped the power by 7 hp thanks to revised software but North America and other hot climate markets won’t be getting the revision.

Finally to answer to criticisms reviewers have had, MINI has added more sound deadening material to reduce highway noise.

MotoringFile has the full press release and dozens of photos here.

Event: National Mini Cooper Day 2014

What more could you have asked for at this years National Mini Cooper Day? Wall to wall sunshine along with hundreds of Minis made for a fantastic day and a great way to celebrate 55 years of the Mini as well as 50 years of the Moke.

Minis of all ages filled the famous Motor Museum’s acres of grass and were once again divided into Classics in one field with the Modern MINIs in the other with exception to those on the club stands. As usual, traders had a large allocated area and this year saw Partridge MINI stop by with an F56 and an R59 on display alongside plenty of MINI Merchandise.

The traditional Show and Shine competition took place in the main arena out in the open this year and the Modern MINI category included Dudley Sewell with his BRG R50, Roger Algar with his Black R56 and Stacey Reed with Mollie, her Blue R56.

I stopped for a chat with Dudley and Roger who both agreed that I should give the Show and Shine a go at a smaller show just to see what it is like. They both complimented me and my MINI which filled me with joy and ever since picking up Best Modern MINI at a small show only two months ago, I have been tempted to enter her into a Show and Shine competition. But I kept telling them both I couldn’t possibly compete with those two as they have such high standards! This was clear to not only myself but the judges, as they later finished with an equal score. Of course, only one of them could take 1st place and it was decided Dudley would take 1st place with Roger in 2nd. Well done boys!

Over in the general MINI parking, I spotted Brendan’s R56 which was sporting a new addition from the last time I saw it which was back at Brands Hatch. Since then he has fitted Lohen stickers along the sides in black which work well with his black and red colour theme.

I think I may even know the MINI that inspired this Lohen addition Brendan!

I was very surprised to see not just one but two of the 250 John Cooper Works world championship editions amongst the general MINI parking. The Connaught Green glistened and with the £33,000 price tag, you would hope they did! I’ve not seen any of these around at shows before and found it quite scary that a certain someone had only been discussing them with me the night before. Maybe he has a crystal ball…

Chrissy Eccles’ Classic Mini is one with subtle styling and an interesting story behind it. When you learn how she’s achieved the roof job, you’ll be blown away with how simple it was. She is a painter by trade and took to her Mini as an extension of her talents. Many would believe the roof was a wrap or vinyl but it is in fact painted with the help of a net curtain! It looks superb and defiantly unique and shows how just with some imagination you can change a Mini to become completely your own.

Sally Brown’s Mk1 caught my eye in the main arena. There is just something about those which make you feel warm and bubbly inside. The exterior hinges, chrome lining and mustache grille are design features to die for! These Minis are the ones we need to thank as they’ve got us to where we are now. Stunning little cars.

I saw a couple of Minis that I’ve become familiar with because of Instagram and I’m sure many others can say the same thing. Two particular Minis I recognised belongs Justin’s (aka No3Petoria.) It was great to see them in the metal and even meet him himself. There is nothing better than meeting new Mini people!

One thing that lets Beaulieu down in my opinion is the sheer amount of dust and the gravel path entrance. Those nasty stones! Otherwise, I truly enjoy this show because of the volume of Minis and traders that attend.

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Mini Madness is a product of SammieeePhotography and Joe Steel Art and Photography. We bring Mini imaging from a range of Mini and classic car events.

MINI launches the Cooper SD in the UK and Europe

From MINI: The new MINI remains on course for growth. After its successful market launch, the engine range for the new original in the small car premium segment continues to expand as of July 2014. In future, the selection will include the new MINI Cooper SD as the most powerful diesel variant and the new entry-level petrol engine model MINI One First. Both newcomers offer an impressively favourable balance between driving fun and fuel consumption. In total there are now seven power units available for the model produced at the British MINI plant in Oxford, including four petrol and three diesel engines – all of which were completely newly developed.

The new engine generation with three or four cylinders and MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology creates the basis for a clear boost in terms of both agility and efficiency in the new version of the MINI. This is also demonstrated in the latest additions to the model program. The engine in the new MINI Cooper SD is the most powerful diesel ever in a vehicle of the MINI brand. The 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine generates a peak output of 125 kW/170 hp, putting its maximum torque of 360 Newton metres on stream at 1 500 rpm. Its MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology has a turbocharging system with variable turbine geometry and common rail injection with magnet valve injectors operating at a maximum pressure of 2 000 bar. This combination enables both highly spontaneous power delivery as well as a precisely controlled fuel supply.

Thanks to the pulling power of the new diesel engine, the MINI Cooper SD completes the sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. The optionally available 6-speed Steptronic transmission enables an acceleration figure of 7.2 seconds. This sporty temperament is combined with an average fuel consumption of 4.0 to 4.1 litres per 100 kilometres in each case, with CO2 emissions of 106 to 110 grams per kilometre (automatic: 104 to 108 g/km, EU test cycle figures, dependent on tyre format selected).

MotoringFile have all the details and loads of photos here.

Born a Miniac

From MINI Space: Many MINIacs can remember loving MINI from an early age, but few can say they bought their own as a young teenager. MINI Space catches up with Andrew Forbes, an experienced young engineer from Aberdeenshire, Scotland to hear all about his 1991 classic Mini ‘Trig’, the car he has owned from the tender age of 13.

Andrew’s enthusiasm for classic cars didn’t stop with Trig’s restoration. In 2012 he teamed up with friend and fellow car enthusiast Greig Morrison to form The Retro Union, a website dedicated to bringing together classic car owners in the North East of Scotland to share their common interest in beautiful vintage vehicles.

Check out the full interview with loads of photos here.

Event: Brands Hatch Mini Festival 2014

For the third year running, hundreds of Mini owners travelled to the Brands Hatch Motor Circuit in Kent for the Mini Festival ran by MSV. An action packed weekend was in store and included parade laps, a grid walk, pit walk and plenty of Mini racing throughout the day with a variety of races on offer too.

This year was the first time that the Portsmouth and Southampton Mini Owners Club were in attendance on the Sunday and therefore I was in the stand with them in my trusty R50 MINI; Stripes. Upon arrival, myself and Keith Burton (who has attended all of the Mini Festivals to date) noticed that the club stands were not allocated this year and were left to find a spot to make their own. I personally found this disappointing as it really should have been organised to help owners know where they needed to go and I hope that they realised this mistake and get back to having them marked out next time.

The pit walk kicked of Sunday’s events and gives the owners and the public a chance to get up close to all of the MINI Challenge Cars along with the drivers and teams. I visited the Sussex Road and Race team; Tom Wild, Antony Bulden and Richard Jackson to get the low down on how the team were fairing up. Their cars had tribute stickers for Simon Darley’s son, Jacob who was currently in hospital. Best wishes and our thoughts are with your family.

One MINI that really took my eye was Paul Downes’ JCW. This is a very similar look to my ideal JCW. The black out look is something I adore at this moment in time. Top job Paul!

Mid day meant it was time for the Grid Walk. The difference between the grid and pit walk is just the fact that the MINI Challenge Cars are lined up on the Grid rather than in the Pits. Once again, owners and the public can get up close to the drivers and even have a photo and autograph. My sister; Sophie was in awe of Josh Golling who was racing on behalf of Lohen. She managed to grab a photo with him which was a funny sight as she was shaking like a leaf!

To end the day Mini owners were given permission to have a few parade laps of the famous circuit. I’m so pleased they offer this as it is a great way to round the day off and is a hack of a lot of fun! Even though my Mum still was yelling at me to slow down…chicken.

This year I, personally, left slightly disappointed as I felt the show wasn’t quite as good as last year. The racing calander was spot on but with the lack of organisation on club stands, numberous cars were moving around throughout the day and it seemed ‘jumbled up’ in comparison to the previous year. I am aware that there was another big Mini show on the same day; Himley Hall, which was clear as there was a lack of traders as well. I will be attending again next year and I hope that this time around that the traders return and there is more organisation on club stands.

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Mini Madness is a product of SammieeePhotography and Joe Steel Art and Photography. We bring Mini imaging from a range of Mini and classic car events.

MINI USA and Tony Hawk announce partnership

From MINI: MINI USA is proud to announce a partnership with action sports star, Tony Hawk. Unable to contain the excitement on both ends of the table – or ramp – Tony and the MINI team pulled off an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind skateboard stunt to announce the partnership. Check it out now at MINIUSA.com/tonyhawk.

The partnership doesn’t stop there. MINI will become the official vehicle of Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards Summer Tour, meaning some of the world’s best skateboarders will be motoring from city-to-city this summer in a fleet of customized MINI Countryman. In addition, Tony will make a number of appearances at MINI USA events and design a co-inspired, limited-edition skateboard that will be auctioned off for charity and given away as prizes at events around the country.

“Tony Hawk is an original and an icon, who, over the years has built a loyal community of individuals around him and his brand who share a common interest and an active lifestyle,” said Lee Nadler, Manager of Marketing Communications, MINI USA. “The MINI brand and the MINI community share many of those same passions when it comes to originality, customization and style. Our partnership was a natural fit.”

In addition to sponsoring this summer’s Birdhouse Tour, MINI USA will also support the Tony Hawk Foundation by sponsoring the Stand Up for Skateparks event at the 11th-annual action sports carnival on September 21, 2014 in Beverly Hills, Calif. The event will showcase the best talent from the world of skateboarding and BMX. MINI will also be donating to a number of live and silent auctions to benefit the Foundation, which awards grants to underprivileged communities to help fund the building of skateparks around the country.

“Owning and driving a MINI is like skating and being a part of the skateboarding culture and community,” said Hawk. “MINI and skating are about design and self-expression; they are about building a community around something that is otherwise very individual.”

Both considered icons by their loyal fan base and communities, Tony Hawk and MINI have shared a unique alliance since last November when Tony purchased – and jumped over – his own MINI John Cooper Works Countryman

MotoringFile has the full story and more photos here.

MINI opens world’s first MINI Bar

From MINI: “Food, Drinks, Music and MINI” is what you will get when going there with your friends: April 10th saw the official opening in Budapest of the world’s first MINI BAR, inspired by the British premium brand, simultaneously with the launch of the new MINI in Hungary.

MINI BAR BUDAPEST situated right in the heart of the Hungarian capital city, in front of Saint Stephen’s Basilica, is also ideally located for Budapest nightlife. “Nightlife is an essential part of MINI and vice versa – from now on especially in Budapest” said Baudouin Denis, Managing Director of BMW Group Hungary. “MINI is about pure excitement shared with friends, so now there is a cool MINI place for the huge local and global MINI community to meet and share MINI Lifestyle: MINI BAR BUDAPEST.”

MINI BAR BUDAPEST is the fruit of a joint cooperation of MINI Hungary and the bar’s owner-manager, Mr. Balázs Gubcsó. “Guests will immediately recognise MINI in every detail,” says Balázs Gubcsó, who has many years’ experience in building up and managing trendy bars and restaurants. “Just like any MINI, MINI BAR BUDAPEST is compact in size yet full of charming details creating lots of opportunities for memorable moments with friends and for exciting parties. And, while the DJ plays cool music, we’re serving the kind of cheeky food and cocktails that makes MINI so unique.”

The manager of MINI BAR BUDAPEST first caught MINI-fever ten years ago, when he got behind the wheel of his MINI Cooper S. “Since then I’ve fallen even deeper in love with MINI, and now I run a MINI business, too” added Balázs Gubcsó. “The management of MINI in Hungary and in Munich really supported the concept and made it come true, for the genuine pleasure of the global MINI community.”

Together with the opening of the exclusive bar the all-new MINI hatch was also introduced to the media and to the MINI community as well: invited by BMW Group Hungary more than 400 guests joined the party at MINI BAR BUDAPEST.

MotoringFile have lots more photos here.

Event: Spring into Minis 2014

This was a brand new show for 2014, located in Ferndown, on the northern outskirts of Dorset that a group of Mini enthusiasts in the area got together to create. Mini Owners of all ages were invited to display for the entire day by contributing just £2. An auction, raffle and trophy presentations were scheduled for the day with all the proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support Nurses.

Clubs from across the south headed to show their support including:
- Arch Farm Minis
- Because Minis
- Dorset Mini Club
- Mighty Mini Race Series
- Portsmouth and Southampton Mini Owners Club (P&SMOC)
- Somerset Rusteez
- Surrey New MINI

The event was sponsored by Ridgeway MINI of Bournemouth who brought along an F56 for everyone to take a look at. Personally, I think it was important that the local Mini dealership got involved with the event as it bridges a gap between a dealership and the Mini community.

I headed to this event with P&SMOC to whom I have to thank for waiting at our meet point for my Classic; WinnieP who sadly was unable to continue the convoy with us. We had an impressive variety of 13 Minis venture out despite the forecast for heavy rain showers all day.

Once parked up on thankfully, solid ground, I set about cleaning up my MINI; Stripes who had got mucky for the wet drive down and preparing her for display which took much longer than I had first thought! As I’ve said before – if it’s not a camera in my hand then it’s a cloth! While on my cleaning duty a number of people stopped and spoked to me about Stripes and I was only too happy to stand and chat about.

Photo: Keith Burton

Finally Stripes was ready and so I set about wandering around the Minis on display in order to decide who would get my vote for Best Classic Mini and Best Modern MINI at the show.

There were a few Minis that really caught my eye, one of those being this Betty Boop covered Classic in such a stunning colour. Some people might say I am biased!

The club stand that stood out for me was Arch Farm Minis purely because their Minis were so bright which was needed on such a gloomy day.

While the Auction was taking place, I decided I would try and get up onto a skate ramp that over looked the car park in order to attempt a shot that would capture the scene. The ramp was far too steep for me and I didn’t fancy doing a run up in heels. So instead, I opted for the good ol’, highly professional ‘put the camera as high up as you can in the air and pray!’ I noticed Rob Hoare; who I’d met just previously, watching me and laughing just like I was. Although, I managed to achieve a shot which I feel is the best one I’d taken all day and included his R53.

A pause in the raffle was given in order to get the trophy presentation underway before the rain returned once again. Leah Brice (P&SMOC member) received Best Classic Mini Runner Up for her pink Mini; Candy who returned to her life after years apart just a few months ago.

First place for the Best Modern MINI was unexpectedly won by my Stripes! I’m still grinning about it even now and I’m so grateful to those who voted for her and it really is appreciated. Thank you. Just when I thought the day couldn’t be topped, P&SMOC picked up the award for the Best Club stand too!

Photo: Nicki Harris

Photo: Nicki Harris

A big thank you has to go out to everyone who organised this event and marshaled on the day. Despite the weather not being on your side, you all were still smiling and holding the show together. Well done guys!

Also, a little mention to Ferndown Town Council for their support and allowing the show to go ahead.

In total, a fantastic £708.01 was raised.

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Mini Madness is a product of SammieeePhotography and Joe Steel Art and Photography. We bring Mini imaging from a range of Mini and classic car events.